New Authoritative Changes with Blockchain an Emphasis Production Network


  • Tarisya Ramadhan University of Raharja
  • Wahyu Nur Wahid Universitiy of Raharja



Supply Network, Blockchain Innovation, Future research, Deliberate Writing Survey, Benefits


The paper means to introduce a deliberate writing survey  showing the advantages, difficulties and future examination of blockchain innovation for the store network, likewise recommending how the elements of blockchain innovation can change the hierarchical parts of the store network.  This paper appears through 31 factors ordered into positive, negative and future headings of innovation for the supply network. For example, blockchain innovation will diminish tedious of tasks the board and installments utilizing brilliant agreements. Moreover, incorporating blockchain innovation with different advances will permit item following and maintainable creation of the board. The choice of papers is restricted to supply networkopus data set and explicitly to the Administration Diary. Practical implications – blockchain innovation makes cooperative shared and business-to-business markets. The innovation mechanizes a few assignments, for example, request the board, installment for products, squander decrease and interaction control. In this manner, its utilization inside the supply networks will work on the usefulness and benefits of the members. This paper is centered around blockchain innovation for the supply network region with 60 articles examined. Likewise, 13 factors on benefits, eight factors on difficulties and 12 focuses on future examination bearings were investigated. This work will help specialists and business visionaries to extend about the progressions that blockchain innovation offers in supply network.




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Ramadhan, T., & Nur Wahid, W. (2022). New Authoritative Changes with Blockchain an Emphasis Production Network. Blockchain Frontier Technology, 2(1), 24–35.