Coordination of Global Approach for Blockchain Supply Chains


  • Humam Rafif Dananjaya University of Raharja
  • Muhamad Fabio University of Raharja
  • Muhammad Fakhrezzy University of Raharja
  • Mulyati University of Raharja
  • Cindy Cornelia Putri University of Raharja



blockchain, global, institutional cryptoeconomics, supply chain governance


 Decreased exchange costs have prodded contemporary globalization, from the acquaintance of the steel trailer with composed exchange advancement. In this review, we take a gander at how blockchain might be utilized to bring down the exchange expenses of making and organizing solid data along supply chains. Customers, makers, and legislatures are progressively requesting superb data. Exchanged things' characteristics and provenance This data is costly to make and keep up with among dissipated parties, to a limited extent in view of the dangers of mistake and misrepresentation. Late endeavors, like paperless exchange plans, have endeavored to bypass these costs by means of the utilization of new innovation. Our emphasis is on how blockchain innovation might be utilized to make another decentralized monetary framework for supply chains by controlling decentralized unique records containing data about items as they move.Before diving into strategy, we examine the conceivable financial consequences of blockchain supply chains. Successful reception faces various approach obstacles, including administrative acknowledgment and cross-jurisdictional interoperability. We propose an AsiaPacific significant level strategy discussion to organize concerns like open guidelines and administrative similarity.




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Dananjaya, H. R., Fabio, M. ., Fakhrezzy, M., Mulyati, & Cornelia Putri, C. (2022). Coordination of Global Approach for Blockchain Supply Chains. Blockchain Frontier Technology, 2(1), 72–83.