Utilization of Blockchain Technology for Future Education


  • Khozin Yuliana University of Raharja
  • Rina Agustina University of Raharja




Blockchain, Education, Networking


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is both decentralized and distributed. There is a Node that acts to keep track of all transactions on the Blockchain across all networks. Due to the immutable or immutable nature of Blockchain technology, the risk of fraud is extremely low. In the realm of education, this is unquestionably a highly practical and safe technology for conducting digital certification, recording, and so on. It is envisaged that Blockchain technology would be able to tackle difficulties that frequently arise in the field of education. The blockchain-based educational architecture has enormous promise for minimizing the degree of cheating that is so prevalent in the educational environment. This study employed a multi-method approach, with the goal of examining Blockchain-based education design, Blockchain features used, and Blockchain-based educational services as a consequence of the study. Each of these areas is critical to the implementation's success.




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Yuliana, K. . ., & Agustina, R. (2022). Utilization of Blockchain Technology for Future Education. Blockchain Frontier Technology, 1(2), 39–43. https://doi.org/10.34306/bfront.v1i2.51