Benefits Provided by Blockchain Technology in the Field of Education


  • Siti Kholishotulaila Universitas Raharja
  • Kholishotu Laila University of Raharja
  • Ayu Lestari Angga University of Raharja



Blockchain technology, education, benefits


The revolution in a technology certainly provides new innovations that are more creative and effective than previous technologies where the technology is called a ledger (blockchain technology). Blockchain technology is known as bitcoin or digital currency that can be used anywhere without a third party when making a transaction. The development of blockchain technology used in crypto has been applied in the field of education. The system contained in blockchain technology has a data center with distribution that will be distributed in each computer network to serve as a data base or data center that contains information in digital form. However, the popularity of blockchain technology is still many who do not know what blockchain technology can provide for education in today's digital age, for this reason this research paper aims to inform that there are several benefits that will be received in the field of education from the application of blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology has become global so that more information is needed in providing concrete examples that have obtained the results of implementing blockchain technology so that Indonesian education can compete in the world because it does not lag behind the use of technology in education as a place for data storage and security. Literature review is the method of this research by looking for previous research that has been published with the same theme. And this research uses the slovin method, which is a calculation method. This research paper encourages further researchers to be able to provide education about blockchain technology in national and international forums...




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Kholishotulaila, S., Laila, K., & Angga, A. L. (2022). Benefits Provided by Blockchain Technology in the Field of Education. Blockchain Frontier Technology, 1(2), 74–83.