Blockchain Frontier Technology B-Front Journal IAIC Bangun Bangsa en-US Blockchain Frontier Technology 2808-0831 Challenges Smart Grid in Blockchain Applications <p><em><span style="font-weight: 400;">Globally, interest in renewable energy has grown recently. The microgrid integrates traditional dispersed energy resources utilizing technological tools and information technology, making it more effective and flexible to enhance the economic and environmental situations (IT). One of these technologies that has drawn interest in microgrid applications to create a sustainable society is blockchain. The blockchain idea can offer immutability for microgrid transactions such as recording power generation levels and confirming transactions between generators and end consumers. By eliminating the need to connect with third parties, blockchain-based smart contracts can be utilized for auditing or resolving a transaction dispute between the producers and the users. In this paper, we highlight many recent research projects on blockchain applications in microgrids and the use of smart contracts to enhance the transactive resilience in microgrids.</span></em></p> Dewi Immaniar Anna Ayu Aryani Shinta Zahrotul Ula Copyright (c) 2022 Dewi Immaniar, Anna Ayu Aryani, Shinta Zahrotul Ula 2022-09-28 2022-09-28 2 2 1 9 10.34306/bfront.v2i2.150 Blockchain System Management for Learning 4.0 <p>The E-learning Management System for Learning 4.0 purpose is to automate the existing manual framework with the aid of electronic tools and unquestionable PC programming, fulfilling their requirements so their crucial information/data can be stored for a longer period of time with easy access to and control of something similar. The required software and hardware are readily available and easy to use. The aforementioned E-learning Management System can result in an error-free, safe, reliable, and efficient administration framework. The customer may benefit from concentrating on their various exercises rather than the record-keeping. As a result, it will aid the association in making better use of its resources. Without unnecessary passages, the association can keep up with electronic records. That suggests that while having the choice to access the data, one need not be distracted by irrelevant info. The goal is to automate its current manual framework with the help of automated equipment kinds and unquestionable computer programming, meeting their needs so their important information/data may be stored for a longer period of time with easy access and control of something comparable. The project essentially outlines how to manage for improved performance and better client services.</p> Nindya Donita Putri Achmad Fikri Saadidtiar Ahmad Subhan Afriyadi Copyright (c) 2022 Nindya Donita Putri, Achmad Fikri Saadidtiar, Ahmad Subhan Afriyadi 2022-10-07 2022-10-07 2 2 10 14 10.34306/bfront.v2i2.152