E-LoA Vol.1 No.1 November 2022


1. Tittle: Analysis of Machine Learning Systems for Cyber Physical Systems 1-9
Name Authors: Anggi Rachmawati, yossaepurrohman
2. Tittle: Virtual Reality's Impacts on Learning Results in 5.0 Education : a Meta-Analysis 10-18
Name Auuthors: Faiqotuzzulfa , Samudra Arif Putra
3. Tittle: Using Highchart to Implement Business Intelligence on Attendance Assessment System based on YII Framework 19-28
Name Authors: Untung Rahardja
4. Tittle: Education and Technology Management Policies and Practices in Madarasah 29-34
Name Authors: Wahyuningsih , Nadia Nur Azizah , Tatik Mariyanti
5. Tittle: Students' Opinions of the Use of Quipper School as an Online Learning Platform for Teaching English 35-41
Name Authors: Nova Ramadhona , Ananda Alifia Putri , Dewi Sri Surya Wuisan
6. Tittle: Analysis of New Business Opportunities from Online Informal Education Mediamorphosis Through Digital Platforms 42-52
Name Authors: Cicilia Sriliasta Bangun , Suryari Purnama , Aropria Saulina Panjaitan
7. Tittle: “Student preference towards the utilization of Edmodo as a learning platform to develop responsible learning environments" study 53-58
Name Authors: Asih Nur Halimah , Hilmy Abdullah
8. Tittle: The Impact of Gamification on IDU (ILearning Instruction) in Expanding Understudy Learning Inspiration 59-67
Name Authors: Po Abas Sunarya
9. Tittle: Virtual Reality Applications in Education 68-72
Name Authors: Vivi Melinda, Andree Emmanuel Widjaja
10. Tittle: Utilization of Big Data in Educational Technology Research 73-83
Name Authors: Ninda Lutfiani , Lista Meria

November 2022