Peer Review Process

ITEE utilizes double-blind review process for each submitted paper. Please see Editorial and Publishing Cycle for detail on our Peer-Review Policy.


 ITEE Journal document


Articles that are accepted for processing are articles that comply with the specified journal writing framework, which can be found here for more details


Articles that are accepted for processing are articles that have met the journal checklists, for more details, see here


The article review process is divided into 2 stages, review by editor and review by reviewer


The review process by the Editor will involve checking the article writing where the only approved articles are written in accordance with the template


After the article review process by the editor then the article will be processed again to be scanned (plagiarism scan) where the articles that pass the review stage of the Editor are only articles with scanned results


Journals that have passed the review stage by the Editor will be reviewed by 2 reviewers


Articles will be reviewed by a reviewer for a maximum of 14 days of work


Reviewer's assessment process is fully based on the reviewer's assessment


The revision process from reviewers is no later than 7 days after the review results are sent


Submissions of revisions that exceed the specified limit will be automatically rejected


Articles must be original with a plagiarism rate of <20%