Applications for Systematic Smart Contracts on Blockchain


  • Alvina Sevde Elnara Charles Darwin University
  • Beyza Morie Elvan Charles Darwin University
  • Deniz Parisya Emine Charles Darwin University
  • Fatin Annabeth Saraswati Charles Darwin University



Applications, Systematic, Smart Contracts, Blockchain


Although blockchain technology has recently attracted a lot of attention, there are still several technical challenges, such as security and scalability. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of blockchain applications and smart contracts, their primary issues, and appropriate solutions, and will assist to identify any gaps and future study. It also identifies the areas in which recent studies have concentrated. 292 papers were picked for the study from the best digital libraries. Only 28 publications were taken into consideration after a thorough review procedure using predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria.




How to Cite

Elnara, A. S., Morie Elvan, B., Emine, D. P., & Saraswati, F. A. (2023). Applications for Systematic Smart Contracts on Blockchain. Blockchain Frontier Technology, 3(1), 1–6.